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Using Social Media to Launch a Successful PR Campaign

Social media can be a powerful business tool if you know how to use it. And when it comes to launching PR campaigns, getting your message out there on social media is definitely going to provide a major boost in visibility to say the least.

It requires planning, patience, and execution to come up with a sound social media strategy when implementing it in conjunction with PR. In an effort to get this right, it helps to know powerful social media tips that will make launching a successful PR campaign easier than you might imagine.

To help you get your PR campaign off the ground on social media the right way, we will share our favorite campaign tips with you right now.

7 Tips to Launch a Successful Social Media PR Campaign

Social media websites can be a powerful PR tool when you know how to use them correctly. Implement the following tips in your PR campaigns and watch your visibility skyrocket:

·        Create the best landing page for your campaign – when you begin a PR campaign with the intent of utilizing social media, it’s always best to create a specific landing page designed to work in conjunction with your social media promotions. Your landing page should be geared toward social media users. Create the page so that social media visitors will feel comfortable using it. And make sure it promotes clarity and lacks confusion.
·        Use SEO and other marketing tactics in conjunction with social media management – social media will get help your PR campaign go very far. But if you really want to expand your reach even further, you need to seriously begin using other marketing tactics to spread your message far and wide. Search engine optimization is a fantastic marketing method that will help spread the message of your PR campaign. Other marketing tactics like PPC, email campaigns, cross-promotional tactics, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, and more, will definitely help to spread your message further than simply using social media sites and nothing more.
·        Always pay attention to the social media platform’s promotional rules – when marketing on social media websites, it’s important to pay attention to the promotional rules that the site has established. You may accidentally break the rules and your social media PR campaign is immediately going to come to a screeching halt when you’re penalized for violating the rules of the social media site. Keep this in mind and prevent making this huge mistake by reading and learning the rules ahead of time before beginning your campaign.
·        Create a follow-up campaign – if your campaign is having success on social media, it’s wise to begin planning your follow-up campaign. There’s no point waiting if you already know that success is on the horizon. So plan your new campaign and begin implementing it as soon as your original campaign is through.
·        Set clear goals for your social media campaign – before beginning your social media campaign to improve public relations, you need to set goals and make sure they are very clear so that you understand what you’re trying to get out of the campaign. By knowing your goals and aims, you can ultimately discover the best ways to measure your success.
·        Use influencers to increase your reach – if your campaign isn’t as successful as you hoped it would be, reach out to powerful social media influencers and see if they can help promote your content. One powerful influencer can make a huge difference on your overall campaign success. Start reaching out to influencers in your market to receive additional help.
·        Always the track and measure your success – when all is said and done, you need to track and measure your social media PR success. By tracking and measuring success, you’ll know if your campaign worked or not. And you’ll also know if it’s worth it to keep going, or you might find out that you’d be better off ending it and starting over.


Launching a successful PR campaign on social media is never easy. But it is possible if you implement the steps that we’ve shared with you today.

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