Sunday, September 25, 2016

Design Trend: The Modern Retro Touch

The Pros and Cons of the Modern Retro Style

The modern retro style is the latest trend making waves in the design world. At some point, all of the old styles have a tendency to come back in fashion again. It happens all the time. And it’s happening again right now with a twist.

As an example, modern retro design is definitely back in style right now. And we will take a thorough look at the pros and cons after we spend a moment or two reviewing what this emerging trend is all about.
Sound good? Let’s get to it.

What Is Modern Retro Design?

At the end of the day, this design style is a throwback to an earlier time, but we’re not talking about going too far back. Basically, it’s a throwback to patterns and designs from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

We’ve all seen some of the hairstyles and clothes from these eras lately as they have made a big comeback. And now we are starting to see that designs are adopting some of the styles again as they begin to make a comeback as well.

Many people are referring to this trending style as an offshoot of nerd culture. And the great thing about this type of design is that it has a nostalgic feeling about it that you will certainly appreciate.

Ultimately, when you see modern retro designs, you’ll have an overwhelming feeling that you remember this particular style from a time not that far back in the past.

With modern retro, the majority the designs are focused on providing a fun, easy, and light feeling. So it’s considered a laid-back design that incorporates music themes, tech themes, bright colors, geometric shapes, pixel-based illustrations, neon, and other old-school retro trends.
The Pros of Modern Retro Design

As previously mentioned, there are many things to love about this style. So we are going to share our favorite pros and advantages of this trend with you today.
·        Incorporates pixel-based styles – nothing screams the 1980s more than a pixelated design! You’ll immediately feel transported back to the fun and exciting new world of electronics that the 80s brought forth.
·        It grabs your attention – this design trend incorporates many bright colors and interesting shapes into it style. These design patterns will really grab your attention and make you stand up and notice the cold designs as you enter a room.
·        Modern retro is a fun way to turn something old into something new – at this point, you’re probably sick of incorporating the same traditional modern designs into your home. By getting with the program, you can think about replacing them – meaning your old designs – with interesting bright colors, geometric shapes, flat elements, neon styles, simple animations, custom typefaces and rich color palettes to name just a few things that you can do when you let your imagination run wild with possibilities.

The Cons of Modern Retro Design

With anything in life, certain things can bring up positive and negative experiences. Below are the potential pitfalls (cons) of this trend:

·        Some of your friends and family members won’t get it – this design type isn’t for everyone. Some people will think your design choices are crazy, outrageous, and ultimately foolish.
·        Trends come and go quickly – although modern retro is currently trending, this style may fade as fast as it reached its current level of popularity. So keep that in mind.

Are you ready to try something new? The modern retro style might be right up your alley.

Why PR Is the Future of Digital Marketing

Many industry insiders say that search engine optimization is dying a slow and painful death. In its wake, they feel that public relations are the future of digital marketing.

Why is that?

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines do not like it when marketers game their system. They continuously update their search engine algorithms on a large and small scale regularly to prevent online marketers and SEO experts from taking advantage of flaws in their algorithms.

Now, anybody paying attention knows that online marketing isn’t going away anytime soon. But it is changing. Instead of focusing your efforts on search engine optimization, it’s time to start thinking about using digital marketing to enhance your company’s PR.

Don’t misunderstand this message. Search engine optimization is not going away anytime soon. It’s here to stay. And as long as you’re willing to keep on top of it, it’s definitely worth it to attain first page rankings on Google and the other search engines.

On the other hand, PR agencies are beginning to offer search engine optimization services to their customers. So the two methods of online advertising are beginning to emerge. And when they work together as a cohesive unit, companies can really take advantage of the full power of the Internet.

Cashing in on the Digital Marketing/PR/SEO Craze

Instead of adopting a “Woe is me” attitude about the changes in algorithm updates constantly taking place in the search engine optimization game, you need to focus on the positive aspects of the way that the game is now being played.

The opportunity has never been better to cash in on public relations in the digital marketing online arena. Marketers and business owners have a unique opportunity to take the PR methodology and flood the Internet with your company’s message.
Digital marketing, SEO and PR go hand-in-hand in the following ways:

·        Online and offline PR strategies work together as a cohesive unit – you may not realize this but it’s true. Every piece of content that you create for your online strategy can be used in an offline capacity in one way or another. As an example, let’s say your company hosts a major networking event every year in your industry. This event is huge and all of the best and brightest talents in your field always attend. You can capture video of the event and do a number of different things with it. You can share snippets of video via Twitter, Facebook, or your other favorite social media site to draw more attention to the event while getting people excited. You can package the videos and market them online to other people in your industry that weren’t lucky enough to attend. Think of ways to use online content offline and vice versa.
·        Making the most of your content – as you begin to establish an online presence, you’ll have to generate a great deal of content in order to get the attention of your target audience. It’s best to utilize this content and re-create it for multiple platforms. An audio/video interview is a good example. You can share the video with your market. Then create an audio version of the same content. You can then transcribe the video and share it in text form.

As you can see, public relations are clearly the future of digital marketing. Are you taking advantage of this powerful phenomenon?