Wednesday, October 19, 2016

10 Ways to Highlight the Beach at your Wedding

Beach Weddings are our passion. If you’re like us then you want to enjoy every second on the shore and we have some great tips to maximize the fun and amp up the beach atmosphere. A little planning up front saves a lot of stress down the line, allowing you to savor each precious moment.
1. Go Barefoot
Feel the sand between your toes and ditch the heels. You’ll feel more relaxed and so will your guests. For stylish brides, check out foot jewelry to bring extra glamour. Think ahead with this as the decision could impact the length of your wedding dress.
beach wedding sign  foot jewelry
2.  Have a starfish lined aisle
Brown sugar starfish or white starfish make stylish aisle markers and add drama to your ceremony. Choose one color or alternate
starfish aisle fuschiastarfish aislefourpost canopy blue with starfish2
As a variation on the theme you could also consider alternating with conch shells, especially if your color theme has shades of blush as the inside of the shell will fit in perfectly.
conch coralconch aisleconch on the aisle
3. Beach bouquet inspiration
The sky's the limit, think of seashells, pearls, starfish, jewels. Flowers can still be a traditional base or you can totally reinvent the bouquet and create something unique. If you craft your own bouquet from shells, starfish or sand dollars you also have a wonderful keepsake to remind you of the day.
lilac and starfish bouquetshell bouquetshell bouquets
scallop bouquetbouquet with starfish
4. Pictures in the surf
You’re at the beach and the waves are calling. You can cool down and have some fun to get some great candid portraits or choose the backdrop for romantic shots. Memorable and exhilarating, you’ll forever be reminded of your beach ceremony.
surf8surf kiss
surf4 surfpass-a-grille surf
5. Wipe the sand from your toes
Beach wedding signs are hugely popular. Quirky and personal, make the most of the beach theme by inviting your guests to wipe the sand from their toes – keep the mood relaxed by displaying it with some paintbrushes.
brush your feetbrushes
6. Groom Beach Style
It’s not just the brides who can shine in the style department, take inspiration for a boutonniere with a difference. Shells, starfish, alone or combined with flowers. Echo the details in the bridal bouquet with a miniaturized version for the groom and groomsmen. When it comes to beach wedding etiquette, you choose your dress code. Grooms may be formal in a tuxedo or casual in a Hawaiian shirt. Let your guests know in advance so that they know what to wear for the occasion and also your wedding coordinator so that the minister or officiant are prepared.
starfish lily buttonhole1coral seafoam starfish buttonholebuttonhole shells for the groom
7. Beach Ring Bearers
Shells and starfish make for a stylish entrance when the ring bearer walks down the aisle. Remember to tie a ribbon around the rings just in case as dropping a ring in the sand on the beach leads to a difficult search. The ribbon can enhance your color scheme and will give a little extra confidence to your ring bearer, especially if they are young and a bit nervous for their starring role.
scallop with ringsstarfish and rings with blue and peachslider2seashell and rings
8. Beach makeover your reception
Take the elements of the shore and weave them through your reception. Ideas include piping on the cake, starfish toppers or shell decorations.
sunset cake shellscake shoreseashell cake
starfish cakecake with scallop shells
Carry the theme through to beach themed centerpieces which highlight your favorite beach themes.
shell starfish centerpiececenterpiece shells starfish
centerpiece shellsunder the sea centerpiece
9. Ring Shots with imagination
Classic ring shots show them stacked in front of a bouquet or on a pillow. Bring some beach inspiration with a handful of sand or use the arms of a starfish to showcase the symbols of the day.
rings sand1starfish and rings in detail
rings sandrings4
One of the most creative ways to showcase the rings on the shore is to make handprints and then place the rings in the sand in those prints as if they were wearing the rings. It makes for a surprising album shot.
10. Sunset Magic
On the west coast of Florida we’re lucky to enjoy spectacular sunsets. If you want the sunset to give you one of nature’s best backdrops, look to plan for a service about an hour before the scheduled sunset so that you can enjoy your ceremony and have time to relax and take some group portraits before the photographer focuses on romantic shots with the happy couple and the setting sun in the background. The light is sublime, the mood is intense and you’ll get magical portraits.
sunset19sunset rings
sunset silhouettesunset kisses
pag sunset5
Sometimes moody skies make for even more spectacular shots as the sun sets.
a pass-a-grille sunsetst pete beach sunset bliss
Beach weddings and vow renewals offer the opportunity to think outside the traditional box. Look for a beach wedding specialist who knows how to adapt to changing weather, respects the beach (take only photos, leave only footprints) and has suggestions to make your day stress free and fun. Think about taking beach toys to keep youngsters engaged while the photos are being taken or give them a disposable camera to take their own snapshots. When your potential gatecrashers are pelicans and dolphins, make sure to enjoy the beach and make the most of your tropical paradise.

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