Friday, September 16, 2016


by Laura Helm, of Ashton Events

One of our absolute favorite parts of the design process with our clients is hand-selecting the blooms for the bouquet. It’s the kickstart of the whole wedding design- helping declare the personality of our bride and the formality of their celebration. The biggest, most beautiful blossoms get artfully woven together and then tied by a gorgeous ribbon. Our positively least favorite part? Watching that bouquet head to a dumpster.

Here are five helpful ideas to keep your bouquet from going to waste:

  1. Don’t toss it, dedicate it: Do you have a specific person (your grandmother, a mentor, dear friend) who would treasure those blooms for the days following your celebration? Instead of doing a bouquet toss, take a private moment with that VIP to shower them with your appreciation.
  2. Split it up, by surprise! We’ve had brides who had a vivacious group of single ladies waiting to snatch the bouquet. Instead of just tossing it into the crowd, consider having your florist separate your bouquet into 3-5 little sections. It will certainly catch them by surprise, and more girls will have flowers to take home.
  3. Dry it out: If you’d like to hold onto your bouquet and create a keepsake, have a close friend or family member take it home after the reception. Snip off the ends (so that all of the dampness is gone), and hang it upside down. This way, the flowers will naturally dry out and keep a bit more of their color.
  4. Create an anniversary gift: Want to surprise your spouse with a sweet memento from the day? Snip a few of the smaller blooms and press them between pages of a thick book. Again, make sure that the bloom is dry! Then, to celebrate your first year, use those blooms in a frame or shadow box with a printed copy of your vows.
  5. Start a tradition: One of our favorite ideas actually stems from a Southern tradition. Buy a special ribbon with your monogram on it for your bouquet. Then, keep that for your future daughters to incorporate into their bouquet. What a sweet memory!

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