Thursday, September 22, 2016

5 Step Account-Based Marketing Plan

Account-based marketing (ABM) is currently the latest marketing trend making serious headway in the advertising world. This powerful and effective marketing strategy is paying off big time for many companies and their marketing efforts.

Statistically speaking, after polling a group of B2B marketers, 92% of them believe that when it comes to their marketing efforts, ABM is “very” or even “extremely” important to their overall marketing strategy. And an additional 84% of B2B marketers polled believe that account-based marketing creates lasting retention and even more upsell opportunities to add to their bottom line.

We’ve developed a five phase ABM plan that is having a serious and lasting impact for clients across the board. It can help improve many aspects of a company’s overall marketing strategy, including media relations, and it’s definitely having a positive impact on their bottom line.

The 5 Step Account-Based Marketing Strategy That Works

Step #1: Set Goals and the Plan Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy

As you can imagine, the first step will set the stage for the entire ABM strategy. It’s in your best interest to take this stage of the plan very seriously and give it the time and attention that it needs to set the tone for the entire project.

Creating a lasting and realistic ABM strategy should be your main priority during the first step. Try not to create a grandiose scheme that will ultimately lead to disappointment and failure. You’ll regret it and falsely believe that account-based marketing doesn’t work when nothing could be further from the truth.

Step #2: Assign ABM Projects to Members of Your Sales and Marketing Team

Now that you have a realistic plan in place, it’s time to assign specific projects and goals to members of your sales and marketing staff. Everyone involved in the account-based marketing project should have a specific goal or goals that they are attempting to achieve. By creating this plan ahead of time, everyone will know their part, and they will understand what they are personally looking to accomplish as a member of this team.

Step #3: Create Shareable and Engaging Content

The best way to implement an ABM strategy of this type is to make sure the content is shareable, engaging, and ultimately valuable to your target audience.

By sharing content on the World Wide Web, you’ll create an incredible opportunity to reach your target audience the best ways possible.

Everyone loves reading, watching, or listening to valuable and engaging content. They crave it in today’s digital world. So give your market what they want and watch them come flocking to you in droves to buy your products and services.

Step #4: Choose the Best Engagement Tactics to Penetrate Your Target Audience

Depending on your products and services, your target audience will expect engagement from your company in certain ways that you’ll have to figure out.

Most people love engaging with businesses on social media. That’s one engagement tactic that should work for your business or every other business for that matter.

Do you have a company blog? Would members of your target audience like reading or watching valuable content being shared regularly on your blog? This is another way to engage with your target audience in a manner that they expect from you.

Ultimately, your team will have to sit down and determine the right way to penetrate your target audience using the correct engagement tactics. It’s the only real way to effectively use our ABM plan.

Step #5: Analyze Your ABM Campaign

In the last step, you have to take the time to analyze your ABM campaign. Figure out what’s working and continue to use those tactics. You also have to determine what isn’t working. If something isn’t effective, stop doing it but from now on. It’s really that simple.

Please use our five step ABM plan and engage with your audience on a higher level.

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