Sunday, September 4, 2016

3 Critical Time Management Tips for the Solopreneur

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Running a brand-new business can be tough, and this is especially true during the early days when everything is new and relatively difficult. At this crucial juncture, it’s ideal to have trustworthy employees that you can confidently rely upon, but in the beginning of every business this isn’t often the case.
Most solopreneurs falter and suffer misstep after misstep at the start of their entrepreneurial journey because they do not have the right time management strategy in position.
Do not worry if you are struggling to find the right techniques to properly manage your time. We’re going to share tips with you today that will finally put an end to this devious struggle.
Are you ready to learn the truth about time management techniques? Pay close attention to this critical information.
Establish Day-To-Day Priorities
Instead of trying to determine how much time you have to spend on each of your many tasks, it’s necessary to prioritize your responsibilities in order of importance. This will help you discover the amount of time needed to take the necessary actions that will keep your new business flowing smoothly on a daily basis.
You can establish a list of priorities in a number of different ways. Outlook via Microsoft Office is an excellent tool that will allow you to easily allocate email tasks and create a color-coded system with deadlines and place each item according to their order of importance. Other webmail programs – i.e. Gmail – also have prioritizing capabilities but they are more time-consuming than Outlook in most cases.
Ultimately, you need to set a priority system for recurring tasks as well. As an example, you can use a three-tiered system and list your recurring tasks in the following order of importance:
  • “high priority” for high priority tasks
  • “medium priority” for medium priority tasks
  • “low priority” for low priority tasks
Take Breaks to Avoid Workload Burnout
Many solopreneurs forget about taking breaks or completely ignore them altogether. As a society, we have a foolish notion that if we take breaks we’ll never have enough time to get our work done. But the truth is that you’ll never complete your task list if you avoid taking breaks because you’ll work yourself to the bone and eventually experience complete burnout.
You need to regularly take breaks and get up and go for a walk, grab a cup of coffee, chat with a coworker/employee for a few minutes, or do anything to get yourself away from your phone or computer. By taking regular breaks, you’ll give your body the rest and fuel that it needs to continue to burn the midnight oil as you strategically work your way through the daily slog.
Don’t Be Afraid of Technology
We live in an amazing world right now and all of the best technology is available right at our fingertips. Time management software is one such technology that can make time management improvements quicker to master than you ever thought possible.
Using technology can save serious time. Just make sure to use it thoughtfully, intelligently, and as smartly as possible.

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